1/72 Hasegawa F-5,  Matchbox F-14, KP Su-25 and COMA F-27

Iranian military aircraft

by Carmel J Attard



Here's some photos of 4 of my models in Iranian markings.  The F-5 is Hasegawa kit to scale of 1/72 in markings of the Imperial Iranian AF markings ie was delivered prior to the revolution.

The F-14 is an early Matchbox kit to scale of 1/72. This I have modified wing roots to make the later version since  the kit ones are those used on the prototype.

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The Su-25 is a KP kit, 1/72 scale with a few modifications to the nose antennae.

The F-27 Friendship is a 1/72 scale kit by COMA and is finished in sand camouflaged and Dutch registration during the Farnborough air show in 1968 prior to delivery to Iran.


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Photos and text by Carmel J Attard