1/24 Revell Gemini Spacecraft

by Pete Malaguti



This kit, the Revell 1/24 Gemini, was done as part of a Real Space Group Build here on ARC in March 2008. I've had the kit for about 15 years and this was the perfect opportunity to 'git 'er dunn'!

The kit is really poor fitting and I think the original molds, from the 1960's were used, so I've done a lot of scratchbuilding. This particular model depicts the flight of Gemini 9A, in 1966, with Gene Cernan performing his spacewalk.

I scratchbuilt the ejection seats, the hatch interiors, the capsule interior, the aft adapters and the AMU ( Astronaut Maneuvering Unit) which astronaut Cernan was supposed to use to fly around the spacecraft. I even rebuilt the Cernan figure out of Tamiya Epoxy Putty using only the kit's head and torso.

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The aft adapter sections were accurized with the addition of access panels and more surface detail. In addition, the Update kit, including new resin thrusters for the adapter section, were from Glenn Johnson at Real Space models and the decals were from Rick Sternbach at Space Model Systems. The black spots on the adapter section depict velcro patches which were used to assist Cernan in moving around back there. He also had a velco patch on his palms.

The gold 'curtain' protecting the equipment in the aft section, was made from a grocery bag, cut into sections and adhered with Rubber Cement. It's still holding well, 10 months later!?

This was a lot of fun to build. It took about 120 hours to complete. In researching this mission I learned a heckuva lot about the Gemini program as well as this specific mission. The Gemini CD from Spacecraft Films was a huge help in accurizing the hardware.

Thanx Steve for all the time-consuming work you do to get these pix up on the web. We all appreciate your efforts!!


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Photos and text by Pete Malaguti