1/72 Tamiya F4u-1a Corsair Part 3

Ira Kepford

by Manuel Negri



For thefirst step in my diorama I drew the layout of the diorama on a sheet of card showing the disposition of the diorama including the dimensions of the base and this shows the spaces until to found a moderate and simple disposition that kept things from getting too crowded. 

Once the final layout is decided upon it is time to start the grounwork.  I covered the base with plaster remmebering to imprint thoroughly the spots for each item that will be placed on the base.  These items include the scaffold platform, the fuel drums, the airplane so as to to have a certain and secure position for each item in the finished diorama.  

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Now we cover the base with a mixture of water and glue and sprinkle fine sand over the entire base to form the ground of the diorama, it will be necessary to let it dry for 2 days before everything is stable. 

After 2 days have passed we use an airbrush to give the color to the sand on the base, then we do a fine washing with of the color to oil diluted in turpentine (land of shadow) and for last effect the plot of the ground was coloured with a dry brush.

The palm is modeled with milliput, the leaves were extracted from foil lids of yogourt containers and the tree parts were made from scratch syringe needles and wire.

Now all that remains is putting sides on my diorama base and it is ready for the showcase.

I hope that my work is useful to some of you. Bye


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Photos and text by Manuel Negri