1/48 Monogram A-6E Intruder

by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler



This model is thanks to a couple generous ARCers. Breadboard for his yearly Christmas give away, but mostly one Tony Hayes who donated this model. Not only did Tony donate the model but it also came with a Black Box cockpit, resin intake covers and Royal Resin wheels. It even came with decals, but I sent those back to Tony when he found a need for them in one of his projects.

Thanks again Tony!!! 

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The model is the old standard Monogram A-6E. Huge box . The build, well normal enough, I rescribed some of the panel lines I feel should be recessed, but that's about it. All the resin was of course used as well. I built this guy for the "Gone but not forgotten build" on the ARC forums.

The decals were the only thing I had to find myself. I used Carpana's decals for the first time. Seem to work just fine. The model is representative of a First gulf war VA-36 Roadrunner A-6E from CVW-8 on board CVN-71.

The other A-6 in the background is one I did several years ago with Aeromaster decals.


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Photos and text by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler