1/32 Trumpeter MiG-21 Lancer 

Romanian Air Forces (RoAF)

by Ion C. Tesu


  Romanian National Day 2008 


MiG21-Lancer is the westernized version of MiG-21MF. RoAF underwent this process with its old fleet of MiG-21s to bring it closer to NATO standards. The Trumpeter kit addresses a MiG-21MF. The conversion to Lancer encompassed a new cockpit with MFDs and HUD, and various additions on the fuselage such as: antennas of all kind, new AC ducting for the cockpit, etc. A fair amount of scratch building has been employed to accomplish the task. The armament reflects also the transition to NATO standards: the missiles are Python 3 (from Paragon Designs). I used a lot of detailing sets: cockpit from Black Box (32006), Eduard Exterior (32054), exterior detail from Parts Accessories (PRT 32002), wheels from Contact Resine (CR32005), decals from Tallyho and Albatros Decals.

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The color scheme used FS37875 (white), Gunship Gray FS36173, Light Ghost Gray FS36373 and a combination of Bright Blue FS35183 and Flat White FS37875 until it matched the belly-blue found in the reference materials. The finishing followed the standard steps: gloss coating (ModelMaster acrylic gloss 4638), decal application, another gloss coating, weathering with Raw Umber dissolved in lacquer, another gloss coating and finally a flat coating with Pactra A48 Flat Clear. I strongly recommend the Pactra Flat Clear (if you can still find it). It is forgiving and the final results are stunning (thanks Rudy).

For metal painting I used ALCLAD II. On and off it took almost two years to finish the project. Thanks for looking,


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Photos and text by Ion C. Tesu