U-564 U-Boat Part 1

by Frank Dargies



In March 2008 I started my project "U-564", a VIIc  U-boat  under command by Kapitaenleutnant Reinhard "Teddy" Suhren. 

I decided to build the U-564 because I found perfect references in the book:

U-boat War Patrol: The Hidden Photographic Diary of U-564 (ISBN 1591148901)

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In the summer of 1942, a war correspondent attended a war patrol of U-564 and made lots of photos of all areas. This photos were stored in a shoe box  and detected  about 60 Years later in England. Lawrence Paterson assembled them in his book.   

This will be my largest project, because I will apply most of all detail sets, who are designed for this model.

I completed the first sections of the interior, the engine room, officers ward room and kitchen and used therefore CMKs correspondent kits and some parts from CMKs "Provision" and "Crew at Rest" Sets. 

Both sections were supplemented by some scratch built parts, for example the diesel control station with various controls, instruments and engine telegraph, the diesel engine with pipelines and indicator valves, the Galley with sink and water taps, lavatory used as provision store, officers ward room with table, alarm bell and open bulkhead and battery room with bus bars and service platform. Not to forget the crew at rest and the machine operators. 

For the interior paint I used the following colors: 

  • Inside above floor:   RAL 9003 =  Revell 5 matt white mit 2% Humbrol 41 Ivory

  • Inside below floor:   RAL 9002 =  Revell 5 matt white / Revell 69 granite grey  (98% / 2%)

  • Insid misc:                RAL 7000 =  Revell 57 matt grey

Also used:

  • Various ModelMaster Metalizer, washing and weathering with artist oils in brown and black.

More pictures, information and the progress of this project you will find on my website www.dargies.de


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Photos and text by Frank Dargies