1/72 Airfix Exploded Diagram Lightning

by Dean Large


Silly Week 2009


This was built as an attempt to follow the plans to the letter, and build a kit to look exactly as it appeared in the instruction sheet. Most people think I’ve succeeded...

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The idea came to me one evening, and next morning I made this in just under three hours, using steel wire to replicate the “this part goes here” lines in the instructions. It made its debut at a model show in September, and huge fun was had watching people’s faces crack into a smile as they saw it and realised what it was!

Airfix themselves were so taken with it that they acquired it from me with a view to using it for publicity purposes. Seems strange that after all the pocket money I spent buying Airfix kits as a kid, Airfix end up buying one from me!


Photos and text © by Dean Large