1/48 Dornier Do 735N-1A Heavy Nightfighter

by Mark Mallinson


Silly Week 2009


The model depicted here is the Dornier Do 735N-1A heavy night fighter concept.  This aircraft was an attempt to use existing German WWII designs and technology to create an effective heavy high speed night fighter.  The basic Do335 trainer was augmented with two Jumo 004B engines and wingtip tanks for high-speed slash attacks against Allied bombers.

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To increase the forward firepower of this plane, two 20mm cannons were added under the fuselage with ammo cans and extra fuel inside the lower fuselage.  Spent shells were ejected outward and away from the radiator intake.  The combined firepower of four 20mm cannons and one 30mm nose-mounted gun would have made this a devastating weapon.

The Kits
 This Luft 46 concept aircraft was a kitbash of two old Monogram kits I had in my stash: the Do 335 and their Me 262.  I had this idea for a long time, and finally cut, sawed, sanded and puttied the 262's Jumo 004B jet engines onto the Do335's lower wings just outside of the landing gear.
 The wing tip tanks were taken from an old Hobbycraft 1/48 MiG 23 Flogger while the 20 mm cannon nacelles under the fuselage came from the Hobbycraft Ju88S.

 Inspiration for the Do 735N-1A

 The idea of combining propeller and turbojets is nothing new, and I am reminded of this unique combination every day on my drive to and from work.  Below is a photo of a P2V Neptune that stands as a gate guard at the south entrance to the Moffett Field - NASA/Ames Research Center complex.

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Photos and text by Mark Mallinson