1/48 Italeri F-22A

by Juno Oh



This is my 3rd posting to ARC.

This kit  was the only 1/48 F-22 kit available  when I bought it, but Academy's nicly detailed kit is now on sale.  But I think this kit is not too bad.  It still has a better nose shape than Academy's. 

But a problem emerges among some site that angle between nose and fuselage is different from real one.  Nose should be headed down.  I separated between nose and fuselage and attach them again in nose down angle. 

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In coloring I wanted to express the F-22's metalic paint color.  On edge, I used Mr. Hobby's 308 on the fuselage, I sprayed 306 on lighter part , neutral gray on darker part as base color.  Then I airbrushed silver shallowly on the whole fuselage except the edge.

Thank you for looking at my F-22.

Juno Oh

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Photos and text by Juno Oh