1/72 Harrier Gr3 Falkland

by Federico Kunz



Well, after reading a couple of books regarding the Falkland / Malvinas conflict a good subject was to start with the Harrier.  Surprisingly, I happened to see this kit in my local hobby shop the following weekend after reading the book.  I likedthe quality of it a lot .  Though, the cockpit is a kind of sparse.  I did manage to get a resin ejection seat that helped a lot.  The panel, though improved a bit, is a kind of hidden inside the cockpit.  Assembly went straight forward, with almost no filling or sanding required.  Plan your painting through the process, especially the turbine entrance.    

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During the conflict, a few Gr3’s were available.  I learned through the Internet that some specific modifications are needed to be done, indeed, a well represented “Falklander”; for example: it needs a addition in the nose (a box & a fin), plus some chaff dispensers (which I didn’t build due to the lack of a reference) & more smaller issues.  I stuck to the nose item which I may have oversized.  

The real issue is painting the camo.  Though colors were not difficult to find, the wrapped camo requires lots of patience regarding masking on a quite complex surface.  Also, the air-to-air missiles were taken from the spares box (I think, they belonged to a Tornado); those included in the kit are quite basic.  Some heavy weathering was applied with chalk-washes & some tubing went on the landing gear.  The front wheel-well was detailed because the kit leaves a “big hole” there. 

After all, a fine addition & also a surprisingly small airplane… now that Pucará in the shelf looks more appealing.  Hope you enjoy.  Always, I am available for any comments & contact from you all.  Best regards from Mexico City.

Federico Kunz

Photos and text © by Federico Kunz