1/144 Revell Airbus A380

by Jaroslav Kral




   It is long time since my last article here in ARC.  Time to continue with submissions. Please see A380 001 plane in 1:144 from Revell.  Actually this is model for my colleague Pepa.  When he saw my models in our office, he asked me to build for him this A380.  I thought about some new details and thank you Pierre for inspiration.  I also installed LED diods but I decide as on the B-24 to cover the battery. But where. Landing gear was it. Scratch build covers and also in second bay is the switch.

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Switch has two positions. First interior, second outside lights.

A380 in in first flight colors.  The pain were tail decals. Especially on fuselage. But thanks for decal solutions.  I think Pepa is very happy with result and enjoys the model very much.

Happy modeling.

Jaroslav Kral

Photos and text by Jaroslav Kral