1/72 Eduard Fokker DR.I Triplane

by Amanda Jones



After seeing the article on this model by Kyrre, I just knew I had to build one!  Especially as it would be the perfect model to try out my new toy that I got for Christmas, a hold and fold.  The kits aren't available any more so I had to find one, but I'd say it was definately worth the search.  I built this kit straight out of the box and I was very surprised when I managed to complete it within the week! 

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I decided to paint the model using the suggested paint scheme even though I love the silver one made by Kyrre and I'm really glad I did.  The model is actually very tiny, smaller than the palm of my hand (which is also unusually small!), so it actually appears bigger in the photos!  This was a great build and actually very simple and having my hold and fold made it so much easier to get nice crisp bends in my photo etch.   

Overall I really enjoyed this build as it was just so much fun and the kit looks absolutely amazing. Hope you enjoy the pictures!  

Amanda Jones

Photos and text by Amanda Jones