1/48 Sanger RB-47H

by Kevin B. Rigby



This is the 1/48 scale vacuform B-47 by Sanger.  As vac-form kits go, this is a beauty.  It comes with basic metal landing gear and details so much detail must come from the spares box.  

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Converting from the B-47B to the RB-47H required reshaping the nose, Raven pod, and various radomes with "Bondo".  It was a lot of work, but I can't remember when I have had so much fun with a vac-form kit.

This particular RB-47H was photographed on the ramp at Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam on April 13, 1966.  A few RB-47s did serve in Vietnam, gathering electronic intelligence.

Kevin B. Rigby

Photos and text by Kevin B. Rigby