1/48 Monogram P-51D Mustang

Gallery Article by Kairasp Daruwala on Apr 28 2009



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Brief History:  

Created  by a talented team of North American Aircraft designers in 1940, the graceful P-51 “Mustang” achieved unparalleled success in the savage aerial combat of  World War II. Recognized as the epitome of “Mustang” variants, the P-51 was manufactured in greater quantity than any other version of this famous aircraft. The P-51D was fitted with  an elegant, streamlined bubble canopy and modified rear fuselage that was designed to overcome rearward visibility problems encountered with earlier “Mustang” variants.

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Fitted with six wing mounted .50 caliber machine guns and an updated Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the P-51D was capable of speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour. The superiority of the American fighter force in the skies over Europe was primarily due to the superlative performance of this  fine aircraft. P-51 fitted with external fuel tanks were used extensively to escort the massive heavy bomber formations engaged in the strategic bombing offensive against the German & Japanese homelands.  

Though the global conflict  that made them famous is a little more than memories. Even today, the sight & sound of one of these exciting warbirds in flight brings unforgettable experience.  


This is my 1/48 scale model of P-51 “Mustang”. This model was presented to me by a friend of mine, model was made right out of the box, the overall color was Testors Silver, the Decals were of “Super Scale” sheet # 48-914. The aircraft shown is a P-51 D-15-NA flown by Lt. Col. Richard Turner of C.O.356th FS/354th FG having 19 ˝ Kills, next model coming up after this is P-47 “Thunderbolt”. I hope you like my model any comments are welcomed.  :-)

Kairasp Daruwala

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