1/48 Revell F-102 Delta Dagger

Gallery Article by Peter Athanasopoulos on June 16 2009


This time, I send a Hellenic F-102 Delta Dagger from Revell in 1/48.  The molds come from Monogram of course.  Overall the kit stands on very good levels, in correct dimensions, good cockpit and landing gear system.  The only disadvantage is the engraved surface.

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For painting job, I used FS-36231 Interior Gray, for interiors. For exterior painting, I decided to paint it in Vietman camo look. Humbrol 28 for the undersides, 118 tan, 102 green and 116 Dark green for the upper surfaces. 


The first Delta Dagger, arrived in Greece in 1969.

H.A.F., ordered 24 F-102s for 342 squadron needs at Tanagra. The F-102s replaced by Mirage F-1CG in 1977

Peter Athanasopoulos

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Photos and text by Peter Athanasopoulos