1/72 Zvezda Tupolev ANT-5 Prototype

Gallery Article by Oliver Weston on July 3 2009


Hello ARC'ers!!

Something a bit different for you now. Zvezda's 1:72 rendition of Tupolev's little Soviet fighter. The model actually depicts the prototype known at the the time as the ANT-5 (production aircraft were known as I-4's). The Tupolev ANT-5 was a Soviet sesquiplane single-seat fighter. It was designed in 1927 by Pavel Sukhoi, his first aircraft design, and the first Soviet all-metal fighter. After the first prototype, the I-4 was redesigned with a new engine cowling to decrease drag, added rocket launchers on the upper wing, and a larger tailfin. The lower wing was nothing more than an attachment for the wing struts; it was (almost) removed in the second series I-4Z (I-4bis). The I-4 remained in front line Soviet service from 1928 too 1933 with a total of 369 being built.

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This is a smashing little kit from Zvezda, the best bit being the option to build the three different versions. Prototype and the the two production variants I-4 and the I-4Z with the stub lower wing (which makes it virtually a parasol monoplane!). With everything going together well apart from the tail fin which did not fit very well at all, the kit was a little gem to construct. I have actually bought three kits so I can make all three variants so watch this space!! 

The model was then brush painted with Humbrol enamels with the only addition being the bracing on the undercarriage. Interestingly the prototype was devoid of all markings, so there wasn't even any decals to apply (how lazy is that!!!)

Oliver Weston

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Photos and text by Oliver Weston