1/48 Tamiya P-51D

Gallery Article by Peter Wilkinson on June 6 2009

D-Day - Allied Landings in France in 1944


I'm usually a jet builder but thought that I'd have a bit of a change and build the Tamiya P-51D kit in the markings of a UK airshow star "Ferocious Frankie" based at Duxford. I used a bit of artistic licence in the cockpit and built it with the original layout, but externally it's as photo's I took at Biggin Hill Airshow 2008. 

Starting with the Tamiya kit, I then added the following extras: - 

  • Aires Cockpit - what can i say superb but did take a lot of time (read sanding) to fit.

  • Aires Undercarriage Bay - Lovely details but what a nightmare to get it in, thought my wings were going to be tissue paper thin before I finished and even then it was a squeeze to get the leading edges to meet. 

  • Quickboost - Rear Wheel Bay 

  • Quickboost - Mustang Wing Flaps 

  • Ultracast - Mustang Control Surfaces 

  • Ultracast - Mustang Detailed Exhausts 

  • Ultracast - Mustang Wheels, Radial Tread 

  • Ultracast - Mustang Hamilton Standard Cuffless Prop & Spinner 

  • Ultracast - P-51D/K Gun Fairings 

  • Aeromaster - Yellow Nose Mustangs of the 361st F.G. Decals 

Quite a collection of bits and a few hours of fun cutting, trimming and sanding. I have to say the Ultracast parts are well worth the investment, they fit like a dream and really add to the finished kit, will definately be buying some more of these. 

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The model was finished using Alclad2 lacquers, Humbrol enamels and Xtracyllics varnishes. Decals applied using Modelscale Set/Sol, had to make an extra 'Ferocious Frankie' decal and this settled down lovely with these products too, was a bit nervous about that one but it worked out well. Final weathering needed to be light but a mixture of Pro-Modellers Light Dirt and Black washes served me just about right. 

A few hiccups on the way, as usual, but the end result was well worth the trials and tribulations. I've never made a model yet that didn't fight back when the finishing line was in sight but it got there in the end, Build time was exactly 2 months to the day, no idea how many hours but would guess at about 60-70 (am a slow bulder, spend more time drifting with research). It's not historically accurate nor is it meant to be, I build for fun, but the end result looks like a P-51D to me, so i'm happy. 

Have to say, having built this one, I'm going to add a lot more WW2 fighters & bombers to the collection for future enjoyment. 

Hope you like what you see. 

Peter Wilkinson

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Photos and text by Peter Wilkinson