1/48 Monogram General Dynamics F-16XLI

Gallery Article by G-Man on June 30 2009


This was my entry to our local club build... 

It's a build of the old Monogram kit of the F-16XL from back in the 80's.  I converted it into a two-seater using the extra canopy provided in the Testors  F-16C/D kit.  I scratch built  the cockpit and added a "Sufa" spine from sheet styrene. I also lifted the open speed brakes from the old Revell kit of the prototype.

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The decals are from the spares box, except for the lion on the tail which I printed on clear "Expert's Choice" decal paper.  Using the same laser copier, I also printed the flare and chaff dispensers on top rear of the aircraft.

I chose to arm the aircraft for a "special"  low level strike mission.   It's armed with 4 AIM-120's (air to air defense), 2 AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles (defence against SAM's), and a AGM-130/W54 with a 1 kiloton warhead (enrichment control).


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Photos and text by G-Man