1/144 Welsh Models Resin Canadair Argus Mk I

Gallery Article by Mike Scullion on July 27 2009


This is the 1:144 scale Welsh Models full resin Canadair CP-107 Argus, Mk I.  (kit No MT23R)  The kit includes white metal props, gear and wheels and a clear resin nose.  It comes with RCAF decal markings but, because of the printing method, the roundels, lightning stripes, etc are not usable if one wishes to use a "bare metal" finish as they have a silvery grey backing instead of being printed on clear decal paper.  Luckily, the window decals are usable and fit perfectly.  For all of the other markings I used the excellent CanMilAir decals and they, too, worked perfectly, including the prop tip red-whit-red stripes. 

The white and red parts of the model are Testors enamels (small bottles) and the bare metal paint scheme is mostly Tamiya Gloss Aluminum polished with SNJ polishing powder after lots of sanding and applications of Future to get a glossy smooth surface on the rather grainy resin.  Selected parts, such as the engine nacelles, were airbrushed with Model Master Titanium, Burnt Metal and Burnt Iron.  Light touches of Tamiya Clear Blue  were used to try to replicate the scorched metal around the exhausts.

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All of the parts except the vertical fin and the engines fit well.  The engines need some sanding and scraping to get a smooth fit to the nacelle.  The mating of the vertical tail with the fuselage requires a fair bit of scraping and filling for a seamless match.  The height of the main gear and nose gear do not match.  It seems to me that the stance of the main gear is correct and the nose gear must be shortened.  You also have to carve your own wheel well opening through the nose radome to affix the nose wheel assembly.   Remember to put a big hunk of weight in the fuselage to keep it from tail sitting.  (I used wheel weights suitably mushed to fit).  It's a good thing it has metal gear as it is one heavy model when finished.

It takes some work and a few tense moments but the end result is a rather pleasing model of a subject which, until now, was not at all easily attainable.

Mike Scullion

Photos and text by Mike Scullion