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SU-27 Flanker B

#48003  1/48 scale Decal Sheet 

#72024  1/72 scale Decal sheet

Review by Steve Bamford

This decal sheet is for what many consider to be the sexiest looking jet ever made....the SU-27.  This particular decal sheet has full stencils for one plane and markings for 4 planes although one of the planes can be done in USSR markings prior to 1992 or Ukrainian markings to show it after 1992, so this would give you the option to built one of 5 different planes with this decal sheet.  There is Soviet/Russian Airforce Flanker based in Poland with "kill" marking stars denoting "only" live missle firings....which is interesting.  One version is for a USSR version with Sharks mouth on both sides of the plane.  Plus a Chinese SU-27....see below.... 

And out of interest, this decal sheet has the option to do an SU-27 that's stationed on Hainan Island in China....the same island that the American EP-3 "Spy Plane" recently made a forced landing.  
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1/48 Academy Su-27 in Chinese PLA markings 
by Sergei Galicky

The printing of this decal sheet is crisp and in register. 

Chinese SU-27  #24   photo sent in by Sergei Galicky


(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to 75 DPI protect the art work)



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