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#48004  1/48 scale Decal Sheet 

#72027  1/72 scale Decal sheet

Review by Steve Bamford

This is a decal sheet from Hi-Decal Line that is available in 1/72 and 1/48.  This sheet has me fairly excited I must confess.  With this decal sheet you can build one of three FA/18's.  Of the 3 decal options contained on this sheet it would be hard to pick which one is best.  

Decal option #1is very interesting.....it's a F-18A with VFA-127 "Desert Bogeys", US Navy in Iraqi Fulcrum Aggressor Camouflage out of NAS Fallon, Nevada from 1993.  This is a sand / brown desert paint scheme, but the really cool part is the little Iraqi flags at the top of the vertical Stabilizers.  Funny how painting the nose black on an F-18 can dramatically change it's appearance to look more like an aggressor  plane.  Tan stencils are included in this decal sheet. 

Decal option # 2 is an F-18C with VFA-192 "World Famous Golden Dragons" with the US Navy aboard the USS Independence in the Pacific Ocean in 1994. This is a one colour US Navy Ghost Grey paint scheme with a "Golden" Dragon on the outsides of the vertical stabilizers.

Decal option #3 is for a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-18A.  This F-18A Hornet "Cobra" with No3 Sqn., No.81 Wing out of Williamtown Air Base, New South Wales in October 1987 has the usual 2 tome grey paint scheme with the hopping "Roo" on the sides.  The reason this plane is referred to as "Cobra" is because of the big Cobra snake mouth under the nose.  The mouth comes with forked tongue and fangs as well as eyes above the mouth.  All in all an interesting RAAF F-18A......RAAF decal options tend to be rare, so to find one on a decal sheet is a bit of a highlight. 

By using kit stencils for some of these decal options it would be possible to build all three jets depicted on this decal sheet.  These decals are clearly printed in register and appear very thin so they should conform beautifully.  The small stencil writing is quite clear and readable on the 1/48 sample I have before me.   

(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to 75 DPI protect the art work)



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