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MiG-17F/Lim-5 Fresco C

#48005  1/48 scale Decal Sheet 

#72035  1/72 scale Decal sheet

Review by Steve Bamford

This is a decal sheet from Hi-Decal Line that is available in 1/72 and 1/48.  

The first decal option is for an Israeli MiG-17.  It is not a common sight to see Eastern Europe jets wearing the Star of David.  One of the very rare exceptions to this rule.  The plane in question was a Syrian MiG-17FFresco C No. 1041 that landed in northern Israel on Aug 12th, 1968.  This decal option depicts this MiG-17 as it flew with the Israeli Air Force and was test flown from Hatzor AB in the Autumn of 1968.  The paint scheme is tan and olive green on top and light blue/grey on the underside.  

There are two decal options for two Polish Mig-17 Lim-5 Fresco C's.  

The first Polish decal option is a plane wrapped in historical significance. This is the plane attached to the 45th Experimental Air Squadron of the Polish AF in the special scheme that was applied for the last flight in PAF service.  At Modlin AB on July 12th 1993.  
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The second Polish plane is a standard looking dark green/olive green/light grey-green top sides with light blue undersides plane as flown by the 61st Training Air Regiment of the Polish AF out of Biala Podlaska AB in 1985. 

There is a MiG-17F Fresco C as flown by the Angolan Air Force in 1980.  This plane is pale stone and tan on top and light blue-grey on the underside with some baremetal for the fuel tanks.  

The 5th and 6th decal option on this decal sheet are a couple of Egyptian MiG -17 Fresco C's.  

The first one is an Egyptian MiG-17F Fresco C operating from dispersal strips in the Nile Delta during the Ramadan War in October 1973.  Paint is light grey-green/dark olive green on the top side and light blue grey on the bottom. 

The second Egyptian plane is an MiG-17F Fresco C of the Egyptian Air Force at Al-Maza AB in 1981.  Paint is light grey-green/dark olive green/sand yellow on the top side and light blue grey on the bottom.  

These decals are clearly printed in register and appear very thin, so they should conform beautifully.  The small stencil writing is quite clear and readable on the 1/48 sample I have before me.   

(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to 75 DPI protect the art work)



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