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MiG-29 A/B/G Fulcrum A

#48013  1/48 scale Decal Sheet 

#72044  1/72 scale Decal sheet

Review by Steve Bamford (ARC Staff)

This decal sheet comes in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.  The decal sheet does not include basic stencils and instead focuses on providing the modeller with plenty of options to improve on the kit decals.  This decal sheet covers the single MiG 29's of 6 different airforces including Polish, Cuban, German, Yugoslavian, Iranian, Indian.  One of the Polish MiG 29A's has some modest Tiger Stripes at the tops outside of the vertical stabilizers.  The German MiG 29G has a Scorpian below the canopy on the left side of the fuselage.  The paint schemes range from the Tan, Brown, Green, dark Green with a big white band on the rear fuselage as seen on one of the Polish planes that flew against American planes in "Eagles Talon '97" to the more subdued grey/grey of the German MiG 29G to many paint schemes in between.  The red/white and blue national insignias of the Cuban plane are quite eye catching as are the markings for the seldom depicted Iranian MiG 29.  The printing quality is quite nice.....decals look nice and thin but not too thin and the colours look good to me.  All in all a very nice sheet offering plenty of options for your 1/48 and 1/72 MiG 29        

(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to 75 DPI protect the art work)



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