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A-6E Intruder

#72029  1/72 scale Decal sheet

Review by Steve Bamford

This sheet offers the modeller 3 decal options.  There are enough stencils included to do one of the 3 planes featured on this sheet, although with additional stencils all three planes could be made.  

The first decal option is for an A-6E  from VA-36 "Roadrunner" of the US Navy aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Red Sea during Operation Desert Storm in January 1991.  As you can see by the model to the left....this is a Tan(Fs33448)/Sand(FS 33531)  paint scheme on top and and generally Light Ghost Grey (FS 36375) on the underside.  A very interesting paint scheme as compared to the more common A-6 paint schemes.
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The second decal options is for an A-6E from VA-85 "Black Falcons" embarked upon the USS America in the Adriatic Sea during Operation DENY Flight in September 1993.  This paint scheme is Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320 and Medium Grey (FS 36270) and even some Light Ghost Grey (FS 36375) on the top side and Light Ghost Grey (FS 36375) on the underside.  The tail markings are of a Black Falcon over a lightening bolt.

The third decal option is for an A-6E with VMA (AW)-332 "Polka Dots" of the US Marine Corps out of MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina in April 1993.  This plane has a gloss black tail with a yellow moon.  The paint scheme is Light Ghost Grey (FS 36375) and Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320 on the topside and Light Ghost Grey (FS 36375) on the underside.

These decals are clearly printed in register and appear very thin, so they should conform beautifully.  The small stencil writing is clear and quite readable on the 1/72 sample I have before me.   

(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to 75 DPI protect the art work)



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