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2007 Tomcat Sunset 2007 Calendar Only $15


Fence Check is proud to announce the availability online of our first print publication!

In partnership with Ready Room Press and the Tomcat Sunset Committee, Fence Check has created the official Tomcat Sunset 2007 Calendar.

This 14x11 inch premium 12 month calendar features some of the highest quality photography depicting the F-14 Tomcat while flying with the last Cat Squadrons Standing, VF-31, VF-32, VF-101 and VF-213.

Shot by some of the world's best photographers, each month features a full frame image of a Tomcat. Air to Air, Carrier Ops, and Airshow demos. It's all there. From operations over Iraq to the last Carrier Trap and Launch this last July aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

As a special bonus, there is a poster featuring the tail art of all the Squadrons that flew the F-14 Tomcat.

You can order it online for only $15 (plus shipping and handling) (link to http://www.tomcat-sunset.org/calendar/)

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Photo and text by Fence Check