Only have time for a quickie. I'll write more later when I have more time.


Three new decal sheets just in and SHIPPING NOW!:

Yellowhammer Models 1/48 F-14D "Tomcat Sunset"*

YHD48036 Tomcat Sunset #2: VF-31 Tomcatters, AJ/101 red tail, CDR Jim 'Puck' Howe; Modex 103 gray tail (no tail code) "Grumman/US Navy's Last Fighter 1970-2006" (full color logos), CDR Greg Knepper; both TPS gray scheme, September 18, 2006, NAS Oceana.
YHD48037 Tomcat Sunset #3: VF-31 Tomcatters, Modex 102 gray tail (no tail code) "Grumman/US Navy's Last Fighter 1970-2006" (gray logos), CDR Curt "Opie" Seth; Modex 00 CAG bird black tail "Just Win, Baby - USS Theodore Roosevelt," CAPT Dan "Dix" Dixon, both TPS gray scheme, September 18, 2006, NAS Oceana. This set includes a special "Felix' Fire" PYN-up Decal!

* OK, this announcement is only for parts #2 and #3 of our three-part series that covers the final VF-31 Tomcatters "Tomcat Sunset" birds. Why? Well, I'm not sure...our printer told me he had problems printing the first sheet in this series, so I assume he's working on it now and I'll have it in...uh, soon? I'll let you know as soon as it comes in. IT IS TOO EARLY TO ORDER SHEET #1 right now--we'll let you know when. The two sheets listed above (YHD48036 & YHD48037) are SHIPPING NOW!

For you 1/32 Phantomologists, we're NOW SHIPPING the promised J79-GE-8 Superdetailed Engine Nozzles for the F-4B/F-4C/F-4D/F-4N.

And, as I promised, it includes a FREE BONUS!


REMEMBER! We gave you fair warning!

As I explained in my email of May 14th, the prices of the other three new Cutting Edge F-4B/N conversion sets will go up substantially at midnight (EDT), Thursday, May 24th, 2007. This means you have a bit more than 24 hours to get them ordered to receive the current, lower price.

These are exceptionally expensive sets to produce, and we're putting a significant amount of work into getting them right for you.

Here's what a just a couple of the guys who've already received their F-4B/N conversion sets have to say:

I just received the F-4B conversion set for my Tamiya F-4C/D. I am truly astonished. The first thing I did upon receiving the set was to test fit the wing tops to the kit lower wings, and they are a dream! The quality of the casting is superb and all the parts are beautiful. I look forward to completing this conversion with the seamless intakes and the forthcoming F-4B sets and decals. Thank you again for the fine customer service, the incredible product, and the effort it takes to make such a set as this. It is truly appreciated by this modeller.

William R. Nichols Jr.
Dora, AL

Greetings Dave,

I have just received and reviewed the new F-4B Conversion Kits CEC32180 and CEC32187. As we all have come to expect the castings are beautiful the level of detail is excellent and I did not see a single air bubble. Both will make the conversion to the F-4B/N about as easy as it can possibly be.

Another engineering masterpiece from one of the most trusted names in resin detail and conversion kits.

Keep up the Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry E Chandler
Rincon, GA
(NOTE: emphasis above was in the ORIGINAL email, NOT added by us!)

OK, here's the new F-4B/C/D/N Nozzle Set, with FREE BONUS:

CEC32179F-4B/F-4C/F-4D/F-4N Super Detailed Exhausts for Tamiya F-4C/D (and Cutting Edge F-4B/N conversion). This set includes a FREE BONUS! Although not technically part of the engine exhaust nozzle apparatus, I'm throwing in a SPECIAL FREE BONUS! We've known from the first day the Tamiya kit hit the street that the small vents on each side just above the exhaust nozzle were the wrong size, shape, angle, and location. Well, we've corrected these vent panels for the Tamiya kit and are providing you as a SPECIAL FREE BONUS with new, triangular resin inserts that fit along existing panel lines in the Tamiya kit. Please note that these vents need to be corrected on ALL Tamiya F-4s.

And, here's a quick recap of our new 1/32 F-4B/N conversion sets (see my previous email for a detailed description of these sets).

These are the parts you will need REGARDLESS
of which Tamiya F-4 kit you start from (F-4C/D or F-4J)

CEC32180F-4B/N Airframe Basic Conversion Set for Tamiya (also REQUIRES either CEC32185 OR CEC32187). This is the basic set required to create an accurate F-4B or F-4N from EITHER the Tamiya F-4C/D kit OR the Tamiya F-4J kit. This set will NOT work with ANY of the Revell F-4 kits! The 27 parts in this set include the following part related to the wings: flat right upper inboard wing with MLG mounting point stiffener bulges (bulges are easy to remove for earlier versions before the bulges were installed); right MLG bay front wall; right MLG bay aft wall; right lower wing triangular flat insert; right lower wing flat insert abaft of the MLG bay; right flat speed brake; right flat MLG inner door; right flat MLG outer door; flat left upper inboard wing with MLG mounting point stiffener bulges (bulges are easy to remove for earlier versions before the bulges were installed); left MLG bay front wall; left MLG bay aft wall; left lower wing triangular flat insert; left lower wing flat insert abaft of the MLG bay; left flat speed brake; left flat MLG inner door; left flat MLG inner door; thin main wheel & nose wheel (2 each). The fuselage conversion parts include: fin cap with AN/APR-32 RHAW leading and AN/APR-25/27 trailing edge antennas; plain fin cap without RHAW antenna; late under-nose IR seeker with AN/APR-32 (horn) antenna; AN/APS-126 Shoulder ECM antennas (L/R) for F-4N; corrected rear fuselage vents above nozzles (L/R). Note that Superdetailed engine nozzles are available separately.

These are the ADDITIONAL parts you will need
if you start from the Tamiya F-4C/D kit

CEC32185F-4B/N Airframe Conversion from Tamiya F-4C/D (also REQUIRES set CEC32180). This set provides the ADDITIONAL parts necessary to convert the Tamiya F-4C/D kit into a F-4B or F-4N. This set will NOT work with ANY of the Revell F-4 kits! The 35 parts in this set include the following part related to the wings: catapult hooks and bays; Navy-style pylons & fittings; AN/ALQ-126 ECM radomes for lower wings (some F-4Bs and all F-4Ns). The fuselage conversion parts include the Navy refueling probe, bay, and door; slotted stabilators without reinforcing plates fitted to some F-4Bs and all F-4Ns; drag chute door; nose gear main door & clear resin lights. Note that Superdetailed engine nozzles are available separately.

These are the ADDITIONAL parts you will need
if you start from the Tamiya F-4J kit

CEC32187F-4B/N Airframe Conversion from Tamiya F-4J (also REQUIRES set CEC32180). This set provides the ADDITIONAL parts necessary to convert the Tamiya F-4J kit into a F-4B or F-4N. This set will NOT work with ANY of the Revell F-4 kits! The seven important parts in this set include the following part related to the wings: rear lower wing/fuselage extensions for the J79-GE-8 nozzles. The fuselage conversion parts include: a complete resin radome that will accept the IR seeker assemblies; plain IR seeker with AAA-4 bulges; unslotted stabilators fitted to all F-4Bs (as built) and remained on nearly all F-4Bs until the end of their service lives; and the rear fuselage extensions for the early J79-GE-8 engine nozzles (nozzles available separately).

Finally, we've gotten some more new stuff in recently, and it's listed here:

Belcher Bits

Old standby, but excellent quality!
1/32 resin
BB3219F-5A Conversion for 1/32 Hasegawa F-5E$50.99
1/48 resin
BB4801CH124 Sea King Sponsons and Radome conversion kit 1/48 $8.99
BB4802CH-124A Sea King Set Nr.2$7.95
BB4803CH-124A Sea King Detail Set Nr.3$10.99
BB4804Royal Canadian Navy TBM AS.3 conversion$26.99
BB4805PBY-5 Replacement Tail$17.99
BB4806PBY-2/3/4 for Monogram PBY-5$26.99
BB4807PBY-6 Tail Conversion$22.99
BB4808Bell 412/CH-146 Griffon Conv.$18.99
BB4809RAF Cookies: 2000lb & 4000lb HC Bombs (Resin)$13.99
BB4810RAF Super Cookies: 8000lb & 12,000lb HC Bombs (2, Resin)$13.99
BB4811RAF 1500lb Aerial Mine & 250lb Aerial Depth Charges (WWII resin)$13.99
BB4812Lancaster Smooth Tread Tires$5.99
BB4813US Nuclear Bombs carried by USAF tactical fighters and strategic bombers in the $17.99
BB4814CF-104 Weapons Set. Mk 28 nuclear bombs, BL755 cluster bombs, VICON pod, pylons,$18.99
BB4816Liberator GRV Dumbo Radome/Leigh Light 1/48$13.99
BB4817Small Bomb Container (SBC) 1/48$13.99
BB4818CF-5 Weapons for 1/48 CF-5A$12.99
BB4820Mk 24 FIDO and sonobuoys 1/48$13.99
BB4821Italian bombs WWII 1/48$13.99
1/72 resin
BB7201CH-124A Sea King Detail Set 1/72 $8.99
BB7202RAF 2,000 - 12,000 lb HC Cookie Bombs 1/72$13.99
BB7203RAF Nuclear Weapons 1/72 resin$13.99
BB7204Lancaster Treaded Tires 1/72$6.99
BB7205RAF Small Bomb Containers 1/72$10.99
BB7206RCAF Lancaster Firebee Drones 1/72$26.99
1/48 decals
BBD4801Canadian Navy Helicopters$7.99
BBD4802Canadian Air Force Helicopters$7.95
BBD4804Canadian Havard MKIIs: No.4 Service Flying Training School, 1941; No2 Wireless S$8.99
BBD4805USN SNJ-2:NY Naval Reserve Aviation Base, 1940; Cdr Carrier Div One, 1940; USMC,$10.50
BBD4806Canadian CF-104 Starfighters allows the modeller to build a CF-104 in any of the$9.99
BBD4812Sikorsky HO3S (S-51) Decals & resin Mickey Rooney figure!$8.99
BBD4813RCN Seafire, Seafire, Firefly decals 1/48$8.99
BBD4814CF-5A/D 1/48 Scale$14.99
BBD4816CT-114 Tutor 1/48 Decal$9.99
1/72 decals
BBD7203Canadian Helicopters: 20 different RCN & RCAF helicopters from 1953 to the Gulf $10.99
BBD7207Canadian CF-104 Starfighter decals$6.99
BBD7211Chinook & Labrador/Voyageur Helicopters, Canadian Forces (1/72 decal)$10.99
BBD7211ATransport/SAR Helicopters$10.99
BBD7215CF-5A/D Freedom Fighter 1/72 Decal$9.99
BBD7217RCN Seafires, Fireflies, and Sea Furies 1/72$11.99
BBD7218Canadian Lancaster Mk X 1/72 decal$12.99
Full kits
BBK4801CT-114 Tutor full resin kit with decals$54.99
BBK4802Sikorsky S-51 HO3S 1/48 resin kit$64.99
BBK4803North American BT-14 full kit with decals (resin conversion parts + full Occiden$53.99
BBK4804North American NA-64 Yale 1/48$48.99
BBK4805Westland Lynx (naval versions) full resin kit; has decals for RN, Aeronavale, D$84.99
BBK4806Westland Lynx - Army Version (resin) British Army, Marines & ETPS$85.99
BBK4807TBM-3/Avenger AS.3 Royal Canadian Navy- full AM TBM-3 kit with resin & decals!$50.99

Hungarian Aircraft Decals (Hungarian Armour Decals)

HAD48016MiG 21 bis, 1/48 decal$12.99
HAD48022Magyar csillag és számsor (Hungarian insignia), 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48023Magyar ék és számsor (Hungarian insignia), 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48026FW 190-F-8 (Hungarian W+510 Puli squadron), 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48027Me Bf 109 G-6 (Hungarian V8+33 Puma squ), 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48032Mig-29 (Hun1938-1998jubileum; IndiaKB707; Iran36103), 1/48 decal$18.99
HAD48033Mig-29 (HunPuma,DongoSqu; IndiaKB720;713;Cuba916;Russian25 Squ), 1/48 decal$18.99
HAD48034Ju-87 D-5 (Hun B6+31 Évi), 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48037JAS 39 Gripen, 1/48 decal$10.99
HAD48038Mig-3 (Russian yellow9;white28;zarodinu), 1/48 decal$12.99
HAD48039Mig-3 (Russian yellow5;silver46,red42), 1/48 decal$12.99
HAD48048Mig-21 MF (Magyar 1904 Cápeti, 9606, Szlovák 2615), 1/48 decal$12.99
HAD48049L-39 ALBATROS (Magyar 119 Zümi, Algeriai NL-46, Cseh 0735), 1/48 decal$18.99
HAD48050Mig-29 NATO, 1/48 decal$18.99
HAD72019P-51D Mustang Decal set 1/72$5.95
HAD72020Messerschmitt Bf 110 Decal set 1/72$5.95
HAD72021Focke Wulf 190D Decal set 1/72$5.95
HAD72027Magyar ék és számsor (Hungarian insignia), 1/72 decal$10.99
HAD72028Magyar csillag és számsor (Hungarian insignia, 1/72 decal) $10.99
HAD72031FW 190 F-8; Bf 109 G-6; JU-87 G-5, 1/72 decal$12.99
HAD72035Mig-29 (Hun1938-1998jubileum; IndiaKB707;Iran36103), 1/72 decal$12.99
HAD72036Mig-29 (HunPuma,DongoSqu; IndiaKB720;713;Cuba916;Russian25 Squ), 1/72 decal$12.99
HAD72038Su-22 M3 (Hungarian 05 Fürkészdarázs Squadron), 1/72 decal$7.99
HAD72040JAS 39 Gripen, 1/72 decal$7.99
HAD72041Mig-21 F-13 (Hu 2311 kiváló; U.S.A.; Egypt26), 1/72 decal$10.99
HAD72053Mi-24 (Magyar 711, 580, Cseh0815, Cuba12), 1/72 decal$12.99
HAD72054AERO L-39 Albatros (Magyar115,126,119 Zümi,Algeriai NL-46, Cseh 0113, 0735), 1/12.99
HAD72056Mi-24 (Magyar 711, 580, Cseh0815, Cuba12), 1/72 decal12.99
HAD72057Mig-29 NATO, 1/72 decal"$12.99


New stuff & restocks
IDIAF03IAF Light & Medium Transport Helicopters 1/48 (do any Alouette 2, Bell 47, 206, $10.99
IDIAF10IAF Helicopters Yellow Vs in 1/48 & 1/72$7.99
IDIAF23Israeli Air Force Helicopters 2003 1/48$17.99
IDIAF24Israeli Air Force H-60 Blackhawk 1/35$15.99
IDIAF29Super Mystere B.2 Israeli Air Force decals for Fonderie Miniature 1/48 kit$19.99
IDIAF30Super Mystere B.2 Israeli Air Force decals for Airfix 1/72 kit$16.99
IDIAF31Mystere IV Israeli Air Force decals for Hi-Tech 1/48 kit$16.99
IDIAF32Mystere IV Israeli Air Force decals for Matchbox/Revell 1/72 kit$15.99
IDIAF34Mirage III C/B, 1/72 Decal$19.99
IDIAF35F-4E Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/72 Decal$19.99
IDIAF36RF-4 Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/72 Decal$19.99
IDIAF37F-4E Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/48 Decal, 2 sheets$20.99
IDIAF38RF-4 Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/48 decal, 2 sheets$20.99
IDIAF39F-4E Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/32 Decal, 4 sheets$33.99
IDIAF40RF-4 Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged Aircraft. 1/32 Decal, 3 sheets$31.99
IDIAF41IAF F-16C Block 30 & 40 1/32 Decal$21.99
IDIAF42IAF F-16C/D Barak 1/48 Decal$21.99
IDIAF44U.S. Marines & Navy F-21A Kfir 1/48 decal$14.99
IDIAF45Israeli Air Force F-151 Ra'am, grouped stencils, 1/72 decal $20.99
IDIAF46Israeli Air Force F-16A/B Netz 1/72 decal$20.99
IDIAF47Israeli Air Force F-16A/B Netz, 1/48 decal$24.99
IDIAF48Israeli Air Force F-16C/D Barak, 1/72 decal$20.99
IDIAF49Israeli Air Force F-151 Ra'am, double sheet set with grouped stencils 1/48 decal$24.99
IDIAF50OV-1 Mohawk decal 1/48$18.99
IDIAF51OV-1 Mohawk decal 1/72$18.99
IDIAF52IAF Kfir decal 1/48$24.99
IDIAF53IAF & U.S. Army Apache Longbow decal 1/48$18.99
IDIAF54F-16I Sufa and Singapore AF F-16D 1/48 decal set$22.99
IDIAF55F-16I Sufa and Singapore AF F-16D 1/72 decal set$22.99
IDIAFB4F-16C/D Barak in Israli Air Force Service (book) Nr.4$35.99
IDIAFB5F-16I Sufa in IAF service Book$27.99
IDIAFBBAZF-15 Baz book$39.99
IDIAFC32001IAF F-16C Block 40 Conversion for Tamiya F-16C/J, 1/32 resin conversion set.$29.99
IDIAFC32003Rafael SPICE guided bombs for Tamiya and Academy F-16s, contains 2 bombs, 1/32$18.99
IDIAFC32004Rafael Python 4/5 Air to Air Missiles, contains 2 missiles, 1/32$16.99
IDIAFC48002IAF H-60 Black Hawk Conversion Kit. 1/48 Resin$23.99
IDIAFC48004F-16 600 Gallon Fuel Tanks for the Hasegawa's F-16s. 1/48 Resin$23.99
IDIAFC48005F-4 Phantom Outboard Armament Pylons for the Hasegawa Kits 1/48 Resin$14.99
IDIAFC48007GBU-15 (older version) 1/48 resin kit$21.99
IDIAFC48008GBU-15 (newer version) 1/48 resin lit$21.99
IDIAFC48009IAF F-15I Ra'am 1/48 conversion kit$26.99
IDIAFC48010IAF F-16A 1/48 conversion kit$14.99
IDIAFC48012Israeli AF AH-64D-I 'Saraf' (Apache Longbow) Conversion Kit 1/48$45.99
IDIAFC48013Rafael Litening Pod Resin Kit 1/48$10.99
IDIAFC48014RAFAEL 'Delilah' Guided Bombs & Resin kit 1/48$20.99
IDIAFC48015IAF F-16I 'Sufa' conversion kit 1/48$51.99
IDIAFC72001IAF F-15I Ra'am 1/72 conversion kit$33.99
IDIAFC72002F-16I Sufa conversion kit 1/72$33.99


Decals 1/48
ILIAD48001Pre-War Hurricanes Decal 1/48 scale$9.00
ILIAD48002JG 53 'Cartoon' Aircraft Decal 1/48 scale$9.00
ILIAD48003Pre-War Spitfires Decal 1/48 Scale$9.00
ILIAD48004Normandie-Niemen Yaks Decal 1/48 scale$9.00
ILIAD48005MiG-19 / Shenyang J-6s Decal 1/48 Scale$9.00
ILIAD48006Early Messerschmitt Bf 109Es Decal 1/48 Scale$9.00
ILIAD48007Silver Spitfire 1/48 Decal$9.00
ILIAD48008Russian Civil war Nieuports 1/48 Decal$9.00
ILIAD48009Dewoitine D.520s 1/48 Decal$9.00
ILIAD48010Texans & Harvards 1/48 Decal$9.00
ILIAD48011Gladiators in North Africa 1/48 decal$10.99
ILIAD48012MiG-15UTI 1/48 decal$10.99
ILIAD48013ASW Liberators 1/48 decal$9.00
ILIAD48014Early P-40s/Tomahawks 1/48 decal$9.00
Color Charts
ILIADCC001RAF Day Fighters, Northern Europe Aircraft Color Chart$8.00
ILIADCC002Luftwaffe Early & Mid-war Fighters Aircraft Color Chart$8.00
ILIADCC003USAAF & USN WW II Training Aircraft Color Charts$8.00
ILIADCC004Fleet Air Arm - WW II Royal Navy Aircraft Color Charts$7.00
ILIADCC005Polish Air Force - 1930s and 1939 Canpaign Aircraft Color Charts$7.00
ILIADCC006USN WW II Carrier Aircraft Color Chart $8.00
ILIADCC007RAF WW II Tropical/Desert Aircraft Color Chart $8.00
ILIADCC008USAAF European Theater Aircraft Color Charts$8.00
ILIADCC009Condor Legion Aircraft Color Charts$8.00
ILIADCC010French Air Force, WW II Color Charts $8.00
ILIADCC011Luftwaffe Desert/Mediterranean Color Charts$8.00
ILIADCC012Japanese Navy Aircraft Colour Charts$8.00
ILIADCC013USAAF Photo Recon (WWII) Aircraft Color Chart$8.00
ILIADIP01Colors of the Falcons Book, A chronology of camouflage schemes and colors used o$16.95


These guys have a bunch of excellent stuff!
MST32001A6M Zero Weighted Wheels (Tamiya)$6.99
MST32004A-7E Corsair II Weighted Wheels (Trumpeter) $7.99
MST32008TBF / TBM Avenger Weighted Wheels (Trumpeter)$6.99
MST48001Avro Arrow cockpit detail set for the hobbycraft kit, 1/48 scale$47.99
MST48002Avro Arrow undercarriage detail set for the hobbycraft kit, 1/48 scale$44.99
MST48003Avro Arrow exterior detail set for the hobbycraft kit, 1/48 scale$38.99
MSTBN001.6mm Brass Modelling Nuts$13.99
MSTBN002.8mm Brass Modelling Nuts$13.99
MSTBUF01Miracle Polisher $7.99
MSTMYL01The Pirhana mylar sander$3.99
MSTPOLPKMiracle Polisher + Crescent Grey sander$22.99
MSTSANPKZebra, Fox and Pirhana sanders$9.99
MSTSPO01Orange Sponge Sander (100 Grit)$5.99
MSTSPO02Blue Sponge Sander (180 Grit)$5.99
MSTSPO03Crescent Grey Sander (280 Grit)$5.99
MSTSPO04White Sponge Sander (600 Grit)$5.99
MSTSPO05Purple Sponge Sander (80 Grit)$5.99
MSTSPOPK4 pack Sponge Sanders$13.99
MSTTD01Zebra teardrop sander$3.99
MSTTD02Panther teardrop sander$3.99

Toulouse Decals

A new line of decals just in from France
TLD48001Jaguar patrouille ramex - Jaguar A (A 64/7-NE-A 67/ 7-NB) 1/48 decal$13.99
TLD48002Jaguar ESTS Derniere VP - Jaguar A (A 138 / 7-HV) 1/48 decal$13.99
TLD48003Jaguar 20 ans 2/7 Argonne - Jaguar E (E 30 / 7-PD) 1/48 decal$13.99
TLD48004Mirage IV CFini Dissolution - Mirage IV P (CF - 59) 1/48 decal$22.99
TLD72002Jaguar ESTS Derniere VP - Jaguar A (A 138 / 7-HV) 1/72 decal$10.99
TLD72003Jaguar 20 ans 2/7 Argonne - Jaguar E (E 30 / 7-PD) 1/72 decal$10.99
TLD72004Mirage IV CFini Dissolution - Mirage IV P (CF - 59) 1/72 decal$19.99
TLD72901 L39 Breitling Jet Team - L 39 Albatros Breitling Jet Team 1/72 decal$10.99
TLD72902History of Cartouche Dore - Historic of the Aerobatic Team "Cartouche Dore" 1/72$30.99


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