Kent Kinal Remembered

It is with a heavy heart that I have heard that Kent Kinal has passed away.  I first met Kent 
through the ARC chatroom long ago.....Kent was a regular there and we talked away many hours about all topics.  Kent always went by the name finalcs in the chatroom and ARC forums.

I am hard pressed to single out a particular instance of kindness about Kent....there were so many acts of help and kindness by Kent to many, many people, but I will tell you one of my little stories about Kent.......although I will stress this story is a common example of the great guy Kent was. 

Once in the ARC chatroom Kent asked me if I was building anything.......I mentioned my total bad luck and possible lack of skill with an airbrush.  He spent many sessions with me talking about this problem and other things.  Final his advice was......"get yourself a good high quality gravity feed double action airbrush".  Between kids and ARC......I have little spare time and things get put off for months or longer.  I mentioned I would follow his suggestion, but that my time to do so was hopelessly lacking.  Kent then made me an offer.....because he knew airbrushes and what to look for......he would buy me an airbrush from E-Bay....have it shipped to him.....he would clean, service and repair or replace any parts not up to his high standards.  Then he will ship it to of charge.  This he did and I received in the mail a vintage Paasche Type V.  The first time I tried this airbrush it was a charm....this airbrush was made for me.....I treasure this airbrush and plan to keep it forever. 

Kent fell ill on June 13, suffering a heart attack and a number of strokes, and succumbed to his illness on June 17.  Kent was 50 years young and had a resin casting business called 'Final Connections Resin Accessories' he was planning on re-launching, but you know......the thing folks remember is how kind Kent was.  

I've often said....10% of people are evil.....10% are Saints....and 80% are in the middle...neither evil nor Saints.  Kent was in the top 10%.....with the Saints.....he's with the people that go out of their way to do good.  He is now resting in Heaven.....of this I have no doubt........and he set an example for the rest of us to attempt to follow.  

The thoughts and prayers of the entire ARC community go out to Kent's family in this time of loss.....he will be sorely missed....but fondly remembered.  Honour Kent's memory by doing good....he'd like that.


Steve Bamford

Live like there is no tomorrow;
Love like you've never been hurt.
Work like you don't need the money.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth.

Special thanks to Jack Zeleznik (Bugfan) for letting me use his photo of Kent.