1/35 Academy/MRC's UH1-C Huey

by John Mendoza

This is an in box review of Academy/MRC's 1/35 UH1-C Huey “Frog”. The box contains 6 gray colored sprues, 1 clear sprue, and 1 rubber sprue containing ammo belts. It also contains an 8-page instruction sheet in English and Korean, a decal sheet, and a tube of glue.

The level of detail on this kit is impressive! The instrument panels have excellent raised details. There are a lot of parts that go into the interior including a first-aid kit. The main rotor assembly alone is made up of about 28 parts. A complete engine and transmission is also included and access panels can be posed open or closed. Four figures come with the kit: pilot, copilot, crew chief and door gunner. Since this is a gunship it is armed literally to the teeth with a mean-looking 40mm grenade launcher on the nose and a pod of rockets on both sides of the fuselage. The door gunner also has a box of grenades just in case anyone gets too close.

Markings for two machines from the US Army's 174th Assault Helicopter Company are included in the decal sheet. You can choose to model either the feared “Ace of Spades” or the colorful “Surfer Girl”.

This is a shot of all the sprues included in the kit. 
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Sprue A contains both halves of the fuselage and the engine louvers. 

Sprue B contains the main rotor blades, engine, transmission, rotor assembly, fuselage walls, floors and ceilings. 

Sprue C contains the doors, tail, skids, horizontal stabilizers, and rear rotor. It is attached to sprue D which holds the parts for the rocket pods. 

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Sprue A Sprue B Sprue C
Sprue E contains more weapons including the grenade launcher for the nose. Sprue F is the clear sprue for the windows and lights. Sprue G contains the figures, their weapons and their accessories. Sprue H is the rubber sprue which contains the ammo belts.
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Sprues E, F, G

Photos and text © 2003 by John Mendoza