We have a review on ARC of the "PropBlur" Photo Etched simulated spinning Props ........with some close up photos so you can get a very good idea how interesting this product is.   Steve Bamford (ARC Staff)

If you've wanted to build a propeller driven aircraft in flight, you now have the means to achieve a realistic look of a propeller in motion. PropBlur is a photoetched brass propeller blade replacement part. When used in place of the kit propeller, PropBlur gives a surprisingly convincing effect of a propeller in motion, even close-up.  The look is similar to 
what  you would see in a photograph of a spinning propeller; a solid center with blurred edges. PropBlur equally adds dynamics to an aircraft either in flight or on the runway.

PropBlur is not aircraft specific and can be used in place of any 1/48 scale propeller.

Add to a new build or to a model long since finished. PropBlur is easily attached to any kit propeller hub. Instructions and finishing ideas are included.

PropBlur is currently available in 1/48 scale (1 1/4 inch length) only. More scales will be coming! Let us know which scale you'd like to see next.
PropBlur is sold in sets of two blades. You will need one blade of PropBlur for each kit blade you intend to replace. A P-51 will require two sets of PropBlur to replace all four blades of the kit propeller.
 An SBD requires two sets as well. Yes, you end up with one more blade than you need, but if you've got a TBM in the works you'll only need three sets of PropBlur to complete both aircraft.  A P-38 or B-25 would require three sets as well. B-17 or B-24 would need 6 sets. You get the idea.

PropBlur cost $3.00 per set of two blades.

Shipping is 50 for up to 6 sets.
e-mail for shipping quotes regarding larger quantities or for international rates
Cash, Money Orders or personal checks (US currency) are accepted.

Please indicate scale and quantity

Money orders or checks should be made out to:
William Faulkner
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Please e-mail us at wfaulknerstudios@mac.com  if you have any questions.

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