Black Box

1/48 F-14D Tomcat cockpit set

Product # 48012 for Hasegawa kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford




This is the new 1/48 F-14D cockpit set.  This 27 piece resin set is cast in the usual cream coloured resin.  These parts are a good  improvement over the Hasegawa parts.  The large instruction sheet covers the complete assembly, but includes no painting instructions for the anything, so you'll need to haul out your reference books when you come to the painting part of this set.  

The parts such as the cockpit tub are a beauty to behold in this Black Box set.  Both seats fit well in the cockpit tub and the seats are very well done and I'm afraid my photo of them below doesn't do them justice.  The bottom of the tub needs to be sanded to a prescribed line on the outside of the tub, but all this is detailed in the instruction sheet.  

Front and rear ejection seats

One area of disappointment is the grab handles that glue to the ejection seat between the pilots legs were both cracked on my sample copy.  All in all, this is a well done set that will compliment the Hasegawa F-14D kit. 

Steve Bamford

Lots of great detail here


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front cockpit

rear cockpit

instrument panels and control stick

rear cockpit detail items

Tiny detail parts

side walls


Photos and text by Steve Bamford