1/48 Tornado IDS Navy Strike Fighter model kit

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Product Article by Matias Dadone on Sept 27 2003




Hello up there!!! Iím Matias from Patagonia, Argentina. In this review, I'm going to show you friends this aircraftÖ.. the 1/48 Italeri Tornado IDS Marine.

I bought this model in Buenos Aires at the price of $ 58 (pesos, 3$=1u$s) so for you it's cheaper.  

The Italeri quality  is generally good, but some details arenít.   As I observe the model I notice that various things must be made to get a good model. First...all the gear wells arenít well done, so much of the work will be required here, things like hydraulic tubes, etc.

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Plastic quality is good, made in light gray color injected. There is evidence of injection flow but isnít a real problem.  The cockpit is basically good, but detailing work must be done if we want to get interiorís real shape.  

Fit is good, also I think I'm going to put some putty, sand and re scribe panels as usual, but used to fit well in generally. 27mm gun bays must be detailed with some aftermarket stuff, also seats need a real scratch building because they arenít correct.  So the cockpit will require plenty of detailing.  


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Instrument panels

Cockpit tub

rear fuselage parts



Pylons need an extra reinforcement mounting pin if you want to make a real swept wing, so attachment points have to be redone in metal or something hard, because it won't last if work, weapons pylon arenít very highly detailed, so holders must be done.

Jet intakes are fine but a good fit will be complicated since it has 3 parts with some rebarbs (?).

Refuel probe comes in 2 positions, open or closed......both some kind of correct, but I donít like, so this is a good area to rework the kit parts.

Afterburners.... I think these should be changed or detailedÖ they are really crude but workable. Another area that it should be cut and burn are speed brakesÖÖ Damn! This is the worst part of the kit..........isnít real at all.

FLIR nose pod, its could be better, has no detail at all.  Wheels are correct but can be detailed with hydraulic tubes, spins and breaks because scale its ok to do that most of all front landing gear requires that.

WeaponsÖÖ Well it should be fine, you have 2 sets: 4 x 500 Kg bombs (I think iron bombs, not Belugas clusters) or 2 x  Kormoran anti-ship missiles, AIM 9 Sidewinders for self defense and ECM / ECCM pods. Both arenít well detailed so they'll need some work or change for aftermarket weaponry .


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Decals came in 3 types: RAF, Luftmarine and Italian navy. Are ok and seams no problem to fit.  Clear parts are not to bad, but the canopy has some scratches because model isnít come bagged  so take care of this.  Also canopy have a little injection mark because of a built-in antenna.

Well thatís all folks. Hope you enjoyed this review.

Feel free to mail me if need some extra comments about this modelÖ..

HellÖ.. I have a lot of work with this model!!!!!

Bye! And happy modeling!



Photos and text © by Matias Dadone