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1/24 Great Gustavs Part 3 decal sheet

Product # CED24005 for $16.99

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 20 2003




This is a new decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  The sheet includes markings for 1 Bf-109G in 1/24 scale.  With the release of the BIG Trumpeter Bf-109G....there is a serious need for aftermarket decals .....Cutting Edge has begun to fill the need.

The plane on this sheet is a Bf-109G6 flown by famous high scoring Ace Major Herman Graf of JGr. 50 from Wiesbaden-Eberheim, Germany in 1943.  Graf had a total of 212 kills to his credit.  This plane is his famous Bf-109G-6 with the red Tulip on the nose.  

This plane is "Green 1" and has a RLM 74/75 paint scheme on the upper surfaces and RLM 76 in the fuselage sides and underside.  There was mottling on the side of the fuselage.  The spinner is red to match the red Tulip covering the engine cowl.  This red Tulip is created with 3 decals that apply one layer after another to create the red Tulip.  Go slow and it shouldn't be a problem.....the instructions are very clear how to properly position and install the 3 layers of Tulip decals.  The underside of the engine cowl is RLM 04 yellow and the tail/rudder is white.....which shows off the kill marking artwork very well.

For artwork there is the picture of a traditional Germany hunter with an old style rifle on the side of the fuselage....see picture at the top of this review.  It is not 100% certain is this is Graf particular aircraft that had the Huntsman artwork, but it is included anyway, so you have a choice of whether to include it or not.  This plane has no DF loop or base.  This aircraft has weapon tubes under the wings.  

The decals were flawlessly printed on 2 decal sheets and the clear carrier film is trimmed very close to the crisply printed colored areas, which is always good to see.  This is 1/ the decal are large in compared to the smaller scales of 1/48 and 1/72.   This decal sheet includes all the stencils etc to complete the aircraft as Graf flew it in 1943.  

Click on images below to see larger images of the instruction sheets

There is a questions as to whether the number "1" on the side of the fuselage is green or Cutting Edge included both colours.   The instructions do include a top view of the aircraft....the top camo is painted in a very interesting stepped fashion.  The instructions are clear and an extra page of text instruction is included with a small bit of info about this plane as well as B&W line drawings showing stencil placement. 

A very nice product and highly recommended.

I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford