1/48 and 1/72 for Israeli Air Force Super Mystere and J-52 re-engined Saar decal sheet

Product # 1/48 IAF-29 and 1/72 IAF-30

Product Article by Yoav Efrati on Aug 26  2004




IsraDecal Sheets 1/48 IAF-29 and 1/72 IAF-30 for Israeli Air Force Super Mystere and J-52 re-engined Saar

The Super Mystere B.2 was introduced into service with the IAF's in 1958 and was the first IAF fighter to be capable of supersonic flight. IsraDecal sheet IAF-29 coincides with the release of Fonderie Miniatures 1/48 scale Super Mystere. 

The artwork has been resized to fit the Airfix 1/72 scale Super Mystere in sheet number IAF-30. As with the Mystere IV decals, an 8 page black and white instructions booklet is provided to aid the modeler with the lack of information on the subject. Three views of the three different color schemes worn by the Super Mystere / Saar are provided, along with 15 photos of in service aircraft with uncensored markings and weapon configurations. Meticulous efforts have been made by Ra'anan Weiss to provide all the stencils and markings applied to the first Super Mystere with a "hart transplant". Super Mystere B.2 number 909 was the first IAF fighter to have a successful engine type change installed. With this success the IAF gain confidence with installation of the Atar 9c and General Electric J79 engines in the Mirage III airframe.

As with the Mystere IV sheet, numbers and front styles are provided to enable the modeler to build any IAF Super Mystere or Saar they may wish. Stencils, roundels and Scorpion squadron insignia are provide to complete two aircraft. The reason that only Scorpion squadron insignia are provided on the sheet is simply because the Super Mystere / Saar served only with the Scorpion squadron from the years 1958 to 1975. A nice treat that will cut down on the painting efforts required to do a 1973 war J-52 engined Saar are yellow and black identification markings provided on the sheet.

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Please allow me to provide a bit of information concerning the brown & blue over gray scheme worn by IAF airplanes during the late 50's to early 70's. This scheme had four variations; standard, standard with reversed colors, mirror image standard and mirror image standard with reversed colors. In order to do a correct camouflage one needs photos of the specific airplane they wish to depict.  

IsraDecals Super Mystere sheets IAF-29 and IAF-30 are available through Hannants.

Thanks to Ra'anan Weiss of IsraDecal for the review samples.

Yoav Efrati

Photos and text by Yoav Efrati