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1/72 Irish Air Corps Update 2004 decal sheet

Product # 7216

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Mar 10 2005




Max Decals has a new decal sheet out that will be of interest to all modellers with a passion in Irish aircraft. 

This decal sheet permits the modeller to build a large variety of aircraft that carry Irish markings.  

These include:

  • Alouette III

  • SA365 Dauphin including Stripes & Stencils

  • Fouga Magister Silver SwallowsAerobatic Team

  • IAC CASA CN235 Maritime Patrol  c.2004

  • S-61N, IAC 2004

  • S-61N, Irish Coast Guard c.2004

  • S-61N, Irish Marine Emergency Service c.1999

  • Garda (Irish Police) EC-135  c.2004

  • Garda (Irish Police) AS-355 Squirrel  c.2004

  • Garda (Irish Police) AS-355 Squirrel c.1999

  • Bonus Decals:Bundesgrenzshultz (German Border Police) SA330J Puma  Sept 1979  

I've included scans of the instruction sheets further below so you can see the full selection of aircraft featured.

The quality of my sample decal sheet is flawless and in perfect register.  It is a special thing to see so many different Irish aircraft featured on one decal sheet. 


Click on images below to see larger images

Thanks to Max Decals for providing me with a review sample.


These decals are available from Flightdecs, Hannants, Squadron Mail Order or AeroClub.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford