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1/48 F-117A Kosovo Bandits Updated with Plant 42 Markings!!  

Product #48099

Product Article by Ken Middleton on Aug 8  2005


Here's a review of a 1/48 sheet from Twobobs.  

This sheet is a re-release of their very popular 48-022 sheet but with updated markings for the Lockheed "Skunk Works" jet!  Plenty of markings for Allied Force jets (including Vega 31) are also included!

The serials included are: 88-843 (49th FW jet), 82-803 (8th FS), 88-806 (7th FS - I think it should be 82-806) , 85-820 (9th FS), 85-831 with large skunk graphics on bottom of jet.

Vega 31 82-806, shot down over Yugoslavia, is included and mission markings galore for these jets. A complete history of Vega 31 is included on the instruction sheet.

The decals are in-register, clear and are beautifully printed.

The instruction sheet has 4-view drawings to assist in decal placement.


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Shawn Hull and the Corrosion Control folks at Holloman AFB provided references. 

This sheet is available through and select US Hobby Shops.  Overseas customers can purchase these from Twobobs site or through Twobobs network of overseas distributors.  Remember, shipping is always FREE to US Customers at Twobobs!! 


Photos and text by Ken Middleton