Mike Grant Decals

1/72 Italian 'smoke ring' camouflage decal sheet

Product # 72-043 and 1/48 product # 48-043

Product Article by Steve Bamford




Here's a revolutionary idea that is so obvious, but not produced before now.  These new decals will permit you to produce those complicated soft edge Italian smoke ring markings made famous on the Macchi 202/205.  Mike Grant Decals is famous for their decals and these Alps printed markings are a blessing for anyone lacking the high level of skill with an airbrush that is necessary to do the complicated smoke ring markings on Italian aircraft.  Because these are Alps printed decals you will be required to cut the decals from the clear decal sheet but this is not an issue.....just something for you to be aware of.  I saw this aircraft (see photos below) at a model show in Calgary earlier this year and I was completely shocked to learn these were decals and not airbrushed.......the quality is VERY high and the edges of the smoke rings have a lovely soft edge just like the 1/1 scale aircraft.


These decals  are available from the Mike Grant Decals website.  Go there and pick them up for your next Macchi 202/205 project....you will not be disappointed.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford