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Katrina Relief 1/48 F/A-18A - F-15A decal sheet

Product #48108 & 1/72 scale product #72043

Product Article by Ken Middleton on Nov 28 2005


Here's a preview of a new 1/48 & 1/72 sheets from Twobobs in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

Two complete aircraft from NAS New Orleans are represented on this sheet.  All proceeds from the sale of this sheet will be donated to the American Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.  Printing costs were sponsored by Microscale Industries. Support the Gulf Coast residents!!

  • F/A-18A VFA-204 CAG 163315
  • F-15A 159th Fighter Wing / 122nd Fighter Squadron 77-121

Recommended Kits:

1/48th Scale

  • Hasegawa F/A-18A
  • Revellogram F/A-18A
  • Revellogram F-15A/C
  • Tamiya F-15A/C
  • Hasegawa F-15A/C

1/72nd scale

  • Fujimi F/A-18A
  • Hasegawa F/A-18A
  • Revell Germany F/A-18A
  • Airfix F-15A/C
  • AMT/ERTL F-15A/C
  • Revellogram F-15A/C
  • Tamiya F-15A/C
  • Hasegawa F-15A/C
  • Hobbycraft F-15A/C
  • Italeri F-15A/C
  • Testors F-15A/C


All decals are sized for the Hasegawa kits.

The decals are beautifully printed, and are clear and sharp. The white markings are nice and bright. Some of the markings are 2 or 3 piece decals, ensuring proper color and registration.

VFA-204's CAG jet is very colorful and includes unique speed brake artwork. There are special step-by-step instructions for applying the tail markings as they must be placed in a certain order.

The 159th FW F-15A Wing jet is also colorful, and includes the latest version of their tail design.

A note on the color callouts for the F-15A - the instructions show FS36320 for the lighter grey, but the actual color is FS36251. The manufacturer paint callouts are correct, though. Thanks to the guys on the discussion board for noticing this.

The 48th scale version includes 2 sheets - one main sheet and a smaller one with additional markings for the Hornet.

This sheet is available through and select US Hobby Shops.  Overseas customers can purchase these from Twobobs site or through Twobobs network of overseas distributors.  Remember, shipping is always FREE to US Customers at Twobobs!! 


Photos and text by Ken Middleton