1/48 Kfir decal sheet

Product # IAF-52

Product Article by Yoav Efrati on June 20 2006




     IsraDecal sheet IAF52 is a 1/48 scale double sheet devoted to the Kfir in Israeli Air Force service. Eight squadron insignia are provided enabling the modeler to depict any version, squadron and individual aircraft they desire. Complete markings, four view painting and decaling instructions enable the modeler to depict a non canard Kfir, a small canard "Gderot" Kfir, Compass Ghost Gray Kfir C2/TC-2, and F-16 color camouflage Kfir C2/C7. An unexpected bonus of this sheet is the fact that the First Fighter squadron, Hornet squadron and Keepers of the Arava squadron markings and stencils can also be used when building an IAI Nesher (Israeli built Mirage 5).    

     Complete stencils are provided to build one of each Kfir color scheme requiring that you only obtain a set of six additional insignia from elsewhere. The eight page black and white instructions booklet calls out the three primary color schemes in US Federal Standard color code. Stencil application is shown on an A4 size centerfold showing a complete four view layout of the Kfir. Eighteen side views are provided of different versions and markings as applied to the Kfir in of service with the IAF. A convenient table is provided listing the 34 Hebrew nick names provided on the sheet as applied to all Keeper of the Arava squadron TC2, C7 and recon Kfirs. The Decals are printed by Cartograf assuring exceptional color accuracy, registration and sharpness. This sheet will useful to use with IsraCast F-21 Kfir (known in Israel as the "Gderot" version of the Kfir) resin conversion set and the upcoming Kfir C2 that is currently in work.


Photos and text by Yoav Efrati