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1/48 RA-5C Early Productions Engine Intakes

Product # VPD48504

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Aug 28 2006




This new resin set from Victory Productions is for those modells wanting to build their 1/48 Trumpeter RA-5C with the Early Productions Engine Intakes. 

The set contains 4 pieces of cream colored resin for the intakes.  The early aircraft were fitted with the J-79-8 engines and featured short burners cans, similar to the US operated F-104's, and early F-4 Phantoms (F-4B/C/D/N).  The intakes of the early aircraft featured curved outer leading edges -by comparison the late build featured straight leading edges.  The wings  of the early aircraft also featured a much shorter and curved leading edge root extension (LERX) in comparison to the later models which had a long straight LERX.  

The parts all contain well done recessed panel lines and recessed rivets. 

To complete this conversion you will need a set of early J-79 burner cans and Victory Production recommends the Aires Early RZA-4C burner can set (Aires stock # 4258) which are a big improvement over the kit supplies parts.  You will need to remove the resin items from the casting blocks and this will require a bit of time to score back and forth to remove them.....go slow and don't rush it and you'll do fine.  As always....avoid breathing in resin dusts.

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The instructions are contained on one decal sheet and includes line drawings showing the 3 step procedure.  It's pretty simple and requires you to remove the kit intake by cutting along a panel line and installing the resin items in this review.  The text part of the instructions covers this process in great detail and you shouldn't have any problems.....just make sure your X-Acto knife blade is sharp. 

This is a very nice set and will be a welcome set for anyone wanting to build their 1/48 Trumpeter RA-5C with the Early Productions Engine Intakes. 

I'd like to thank Victory Models for bringing this sheet to my attention by sending me a review sample.


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Instruction Sheet

Photos and text by Steve Bamford