1/48 RAF Stencil Data and Roundels decal sheet

Harrier GR7/9, Hawk, Jaguar GR3, Tornado F3 and Tornado GR4

Product # X48-057

Product Article by Ken Middleton on Apr 30 2007




Here's a review of a new 1/48 sheet from Xtradecals, RAF Stencil Data and Roundels.

Markings for numerous aircraft are included: RAF Roundels Red/Blue, Pink/Pale Blue, Red/White/Blue with and without white outlines, Stencil Data etc, for Tornado F3, Tornado GR 4, Jaguar GR 3, Hawk, Harrier GR7/9.

The decals are in-register, clear and are beautifully printed by Microscale. Some of the markings and badges are 2 piece decals, ensuring good registry. Each aircraft's markings are separated on the sheet by a dashed-line to make it easier to differentiate them.

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The instruction sheet has 4-view drawings to assist in decal placement, and numerous notes point out tips on specific decals, along with British Standard numbers for paint references. There are notes on the recent change to the Tornado variants' paint schemes as well.


This sheet retails for 6.95 / $13.42 and is available through:



Special thanks to Hannants for the review sample. 


Photos and text by Ken Middleton