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1/48 F-14B/D VX-9 det Mugu decal sheet

product # FTD48003

$18.00 from Fightertown Decals

New Product Preview - LIMITED EDITION on Aug 16 2007


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This Limited Edition 1/48 sheet from Fightertown Decals covers 4 aircraft from VX-9 Det Point Mugu in the late nineties up through their Tomcat retirement in 2004. You can build 3 complete jets, with options for 4, including the infamous all black F-14D VANDY 1, 2 TPS line jets (both F-14B and F-14D), and the "White Whale" an overall gloss gray F-14B.
Our decals now include Formation Lights and the GE engine petal decals for the GE engine exhausts on a separate insert!

This sheet is very similar to the long out of production VFDecals VX-9 sheet, but we have made numerous improvements to the artwork to more accurate represent these jets. And added our own touches.

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This Limited Edition sheet is $18. Decals include FREE SHIPPING in the US and CANADA!  International orders are $4 flat rate shipping (WE LOWERED INT'L SHIPPING!).  Order through our website:


Or directly through paypal to:


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Fightertown Decals: 
  • Markings for really cool jets? Check! 
  • Incredibly accurate detail? Check!   
  • Intake cover decals? Check!  
  • Landing gear placards? Check! 
  • Ejection seat stencils? Check! 
  • Airframe details? Check! 
  • Helmet markings? Check!  (heck, we even have patches for pilot figures!) 
  • And now we have Formation Lights and GE engine petals!
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Photos and text by Fightertown Decals

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