Royal New Zealand Air Force A-4G/K Skyhawks 1970-2001  (Part 1)

1/48 scale product #48001

by Jean-Paul Poisseroux


If you despaired at not being able to add any exotic A-4 Skyhawks to your collection, then the time to rejoice is here!!!  Henceforth it is possible, thanks to this new maker of decals from Australia. The withdrawal of RNZAF ' A-4  prompted this decal maker to create this decal sheet.  It is the complete history of the RNAF A-4 which can be superbly found on 2 Gekko Graphics decal sheets in 1/48 scale.

REF 48001 RNZAF A-4G/K (1970-2001)Pt.1
With this first decal sheet you get no less than 20 different planes; 5 in South East Asian camouflage,9 in European 1, and 6 in integral green. If Squadron n2 and 75 change bases regularly, the type of camouflage is progressive.
The apparatuses of the Seventies are in SEA with the badge of nationality in 3 colors. Followed by European 1 between 1980-1990 and the badge into 2 tone; the last decade raising it in integral green with low visibility markings.  The type of plane is G,K,and Kahu, with or without the dorsal bump containing the avionics.  If for G and K, Hasegawa ref. PT21 limps it is enough; it is not the same for Kahu. These last are modernized with the F-16 standard and carry sidewinder, Maverick and GBU-16.  You'll have to make yourself a new instrument panel, a HUD, new Apg-66 radar, the Alr-66 antennas and other UHF and ILS.  BUT do not be discouraged, Gekko Graphics
is considering a small conversion set for it.   

This decal sheet is strongly recommended.

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(scans of the decal sheet below were done at a low resolution to protect the artwork)