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1/72 B-52D, T-33, A-7D, C-130H2  decal sheet

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Review by Steve Bamford on Apr 2 2008


Wolfpak Decals has made a niche for itself by providing markings for aircraft that were involved in various notable historical events or aircraft with colourful camo schemes and this sheet continues on that theme.  This new decal sheet from Wolfpak Decals includes markings for 4 different aircraft including a  B-52D, T-33, A-7D and finally a C-130H2 (for the T-33 you actually get markings for 2 aircraft).

The first aircraft is a B-52D 56-676 with the 96th Bomb Win in 1980.  This aircraft is a "MiG Killer" credited with shooting down a  MiG-21 during the Vietnam War.  This aircraft was the last B-52D in service retiring in 1983.  The paint scheme for this aircraft is the standard SAC Southeast Asia paint scheme with a black bottom.  The instructions include plenty of info on this aircraft. 

The next two aircraft are T-33's 95FITS, 325th TFTW out of Tyndall AFB, Florida in the early 1980's.  The paint scheme for this aircraft is overall Aircraft Gray FS 16473 with some colourful tail markings of stars and stripes in red/White and Blue.  The instructions gives plenty of background on the Tyndall T-33's with regards to their missions and how to detail and paint your T-33 to make it as accurate as possible. 

The fourth aircraft is an A-7D with the 3rd TFS, 388th TFW out of Korat AFB, Thailand in 1975 at the time of the Mayaguez Rescue Mission and the evacuation of Saigon. 

The crisis began on May 12, 1975, when Khmer Rouge naval forces operating former U.S. Navy "Swift Boats" seized the American container ship SS MayagŁez in recognized international sea lanes claimed as territorial waters by Cambodia and removed its crew for questioning. Surveillance by P-3 Orion aircraft indicated that the ship was then moved to and anchored at Koh Tang, an island approximately 50 miles off the southern coast of Cambodia near that country's shared border with Vietnam.

Calling the seizure "piracy", President Ford ordered a military response to retake the ship and its 40-man crew, thought to be on Koh Tang.  A very involved military response rescued the crew and re-took the cargo ship after intense military action that included one CH-53 being shot down.  This stories has all the earmarks of a Hollywood movie and is well worth reading about......do a google search and you'll pull up plenty of sites telling the story.  

The next aircraft is a C-130H2 89-9106 with 757th AS, 910th AW out of Youngstown ARB in 2000.  This C-130 has the unique feature of being fitting with Ariel sprayers for spraying chemicals to disperse oil slicks in cooperation with the US Coast Guard as well as spraying herbicides.  This particular aircraft was used to spray herbicides in Louisiana and Texas after Hurricane Katrina.  The paint scheme is what caught my eye.  This C-130 has has a green/green/gray camo scheme that looks great and sure beats the all gray schemes that are so common these days.

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The instructions are clear and include 3 views of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet.  Stencils are not included, so you'll have to get those from the kit decal sheet.

This is another decals sheet that hit the mark for providing quality and variety.......for modellers.......the history behind the aircraft is just as important as the camo and markings and this sheet delivers on all accounts.


I would like to thank Wolfpak Decals for providing me with this review sample.

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