Scale Motorsport

1/48 scale plain weave Carbon Fiber decals

product # 1448



$9.00 USD from Scale Motor Sport

Review by David Horn on April 23 2008


Scale Motorsport is well know in the automotive model circles but now is expanding their product line to the aircraft modelers. Decals should be available May 1st.

Finally a decal that accurately represents a common CF (carbon fiber) pattern used in the aviation industry. One of these applications is on the PW-F100-229 engine turkey feathers flown by the F-16 (all block 52 and now, many block 42 aircraft) and F-15I Ra’am.

Sheet size (usable) is 4 7/8" (124mm) x 7 1/4"(184mm) The decals are thin and go on easily, quality of the print is remarkable considering the fine resolution.

I tested this sample on a Hasegawa F-16 exhaust nozzle in three stages. First stage (left decal) is just the decal. The middle decal has dull coat applied. The right decal has dull coat and some light weathering using Tamiya “soot” weathering. For added insurance on color, I painted the nozzle gloss black before applying decals. 

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Decals are best applied one at a time to each “turkey feather”, trimming each section using a new hobby knife blade. Once set, I used Solvaset to guarantee the decals were fully on the surface. 

It was difficult getting the resolution down to 1/48 scale but Scale Motorsport was successful. I feel this decal would look fine in 1/32 scale as well but if it is too small, maybe a larger scale could be offered in the future.


Photos and text © by David Horn