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1/72 P-3C, EP-3J, F-47D, F-15C, F-4E, OV-10D & TBF-1C decal sheet
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Review by Steve Bamford on Oct 22 2008



This new decal sheet from Wolfpak Decals includes markings for 7 different aircraft including a P-3C, EP-3J, F-47D, F-15C, F-4E, OV-10D & TBF-1C.

The 7 aircraft include a huge variety of aircraft from WW2 to the present time.  But the big plus of this decal sheet is the F-15C flown by my friend Murph on the ARC forums.  The Avenger fought in the Battle of the Atlantic against the German U-Boats.  This Avenger is one of two that staged the first US Navy rocket attack on a U-boat in WW2 on January 11 1944.

  • P-3C BuNo 161125 VP-66 NAS Willow Grove, PA. 

  • EP-3J BuNo 152719 VP-66 NAS Willow Grove, PA. 

  • F-47D-40-RA Serial # 45-49151, 149th FS, 192nd GRP out of Byrd Field, Virginia.

  • F-15C 94th FS Serial # 81-0022, 1st FW, Langley, AFB, VA in 1991.

  • F-4E  Serial # 73-0195, 334th TFS, 4th TFW out of Seymour Johnson AFB, NC in 1984

  • OV-10D BuNo 155446, VMO-1 out of New River MCAS in 1992. 

  • TBF-1C VC-58, USS Block Island CVE-21 out of Norfolk, VA in January 1944.

The instructions are clear and include 1 views of each aircraft (although the F-47 has 3 views).  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet.  The 9 pages of instructions are include pages and pages of detailed text telling all the special features of each aircraft from a modellers point of view.  The research is exhaustive and this attention to detail is a hallmark of Wolfpak Decals.

I'm quite excited to see a decal sheet featuring the F-15 flown by my friend Murph....it doesn't get better than that..


I would like to thank Wolfpak Decals for providing me with this review sample.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford