1/72 Middle East Meteors decal sheet

product # IAF-63    $26.00 from IsraDecal

Review by Steve Bamford on Dec 26 2008



This new decal sheet from IsraDecal includes markings and stencils to do Syrians, Egyptians and ANY Israeli Meteors.

This decal sheet includes all the serial numbers for any Israeli Meteor plus markings to do a selection of Egyptian Meteors and a selection of Syrian Meteors.  The instruction booklet includes side profiles or 4 view profiles of the following aircraft;

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A13 in 1953

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A14

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A15

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A16

  • Israeli Meteor Fr.9 #36 in 1956

  • Israeli Meteor F.8 #04 in 1956 Sinai Campaign

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A18 in 1957

  • Israeli Meteor F.8 #02 in 1960

  • Israeli Meteor T.7 #A15 in 1969

  • Israeli Meteor F.8 #09 in 1963

  • Israeli Meteor NF-13 #52 in 1956

  • Egyptian Meteor Mk.4 #1407 in 1950

  • Egyptian Meteor T.7 #1400 in 1955

  • Egyptian Meteor F.8 #1425 in 1955

  • Egyptian Meteor NF-13 #1432 in 1955

  • Syrian Meteor NF-13 #1476 in 1957

Of course you get all the serial numbers to do any Israeli Meteor plus all the serial numbers to do any Syrian Meteor plus many Egyptian Meteors.  

This is the beauty of Isradecal decal sheets......they often provide the stencils and serial numbers on their decal sheets to let the modellers pick the aircraft they want.

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The 8 page colour instruction booklet is clear and easy to follow and include 4 color views of each paint scheme showing the camo layout as well as stencil placement.  The decals are beautifully printed on 2 decal sheets.  


The Israeli and Egyptian Air forces have always fascinated me as they often flew the same aircraft against each other and they have a very long and intertwined history and the Syrian Meteors are an added bonus on this fine decal sheet.  If you want to build a Meteor with a different look with non-RAF markings then this is a decal sheet well worth picking up.  You will not be disappointed.


I would like to thank IsraDecal for providing me with this review sample.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford