F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF Service Book

ISBN: 978-965-7220-05-4    $49 (incl. worldwide AirMail)

Review by Steve Bamford on April 3 2009



This new 114 page softcover book written by Ra'anan Weiss & Shlomo Aloni and available from IsraDecal covers the F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF Service.  This volume is Part 1.  This is Publication #4 of their popular series 'Aircraft in Detail' and it is a book that is heavily devoted to pictures of Israeli F-4 operations.

Chapter includes;

  • Introduction

  • Photo Gallery

  • Israeli-Arab Wars

  • Daily Routine & Maintenance

  •         Before and After Sorties

  •         Arming Planes

  • Walkaround

You get over 650 photos including 215 color photos.

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These photos include day to day operations including ground photos as well as in-flight photos plus many man y photos of the IAF Phantoms in their shelters being serviced.  The walkaround section includes color close-up photos of the aircraft including B&W cockpit photos  Plus weapons photos...and there are allot of weapons photos...pages and pages of weapons photos with descriptions on each photo.  From a modellers point of view, this is the type of book I'd like to have handy if I was building a Phantom in Israeli markings.  You also get 1/72 line drawings of the aircraft as well as line drawings of various items including the ejection seat, landing gear, weapons pylons, airbrakes and even the instrument panels and side consoles.

All the photos are identified by text (which is a strong point in my opinion) and there is also text telling the story of the F-4 in Israeli service from it's original purchase in the mid '60's up to operations in 1982.  This book tells the story very well but it is the hundreds of photos that are the focal point of this book.

This is a great book to add to your IAF library or for any modeller with a  passion or interest in the Israeli F-4.  You can buy this book directly from IsraDecal.


I would like to thank IsraDecal for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford