MAW Decals

1/48 CH-46F/Early E Conversion Set

product # 48-R009

Review by Albert Moore on Dec 29 2008



MAW Decals has issued a 14 piece resin conversion set to convert Academy’s 1/48 CH-46A (kit #12210) or CH-46D (kit #12207) into a CH-46F/Early E Sea Knight (or Phrog as it is called in the USMC).  The set includes an engine intake insert, two chaff/flare dispenser buckets, two IRCM jammer/mounts, exhausts, flight control armor panels, and various other fuselage add-ons.  Each part is flawlessly cast in cream colored resin, with minimal clean up required beyond removing the pour stubs.  Also included is a small decal sheet that has various chaff/flare cartridge loads for the dispensers.  The color instruction sheet has a parts layout map and installation guide that includes which kits to use for which variant, and where to add the parts.  Retail for this set is $14.99USD. Please visit for more information on this set, as well as other MAW-Decals products. 


Photos and text © by Albert Moore