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1/48 CH-46 Sea Knight decal sheet

‘Battle Phrogs 100’  product # 48-MAW-019

Review by Albert Moore on Jan 15 2009



MAW Decals has released a new decal set for Academy’s 1/48 CH-46 Sea Knight kit entitled ‘Battle Phrogs 100’.  This set includes markings for 10 different helos, complete stencils and walkways, and a CD-ROM with application instructions (in PDF format), reference photos for the subjects covered, and a few videos. 


The main sheet covers Phrogs from HMM-161, HMM-162, HMM-163, HMM-165 and HMM-166.  There are options for two overall Field Green machines, one ‘land camouflage’ machine, and seven current two-tone gray schemes with door art (the land camo machine has door art as well).  

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Here is a detailed listing of the 10 aircrafts that can be built from this set;

  • CH-46E BuNo 153975 ModEx 601, HMM-166 U.S.S. Tripoli 1987 (Field Green)*

  • CH-46E BuNo 154825 ModEx 605, HMM-166 U.S.S. Tripoli 1987 (Field Green)*

  • CH-46E BuNo 154034 ModEx 1, HMM-162 U.S.S. Wasp 1991 (Land scheme)*

  • CH-46E BuNo 156445 ModEx 07, HMM-161 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 157703 ModEx 02, HMM-165 Al Asad 2007 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 154027 ModEx 03, HMM-165 Al Asad 2007 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 153969 ModEx 07, HMM-165 Al Asad 2007 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 156457 ModEx 12, HMM-165 Al Asad 2007 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 157693 ModEx 01, HMM-163 (Grey)

  • CH-46E BuNo 154790 Rockey 604, HMM-166 15th MEU (Grey)

*The first three helicopters are early E's and had the smaller stub wings that are on the A, D, and F. In order to build these 3 aircraft you will need to:

A second and third sheet includes walkways and a lot of stenciling (these are also available separately as 48-MAW-020: CH-46 Green/Land Camo Stencils). Two smaller sheets have chaff/flare cartridge load decals and a correction marking to replace a defective decal (off color). The quality is what one comes to expect from MAW Decals; perfect registry and printing, rich colors, and thin carrier film.  The door art decals are especially well done. The decals were printed by Cartograph. 


Aside from the excellent decals, you get an impressive CD-Rom containing reference pictures, videos and the instruction sheets in PDF Format. You get a total of 136 reference photos of the CH-43E, including overall shots, cockpit photos, and other walk around type photos. All pictures are of high quality and high resolution. All pictures are in separate folders, which make finding the right picture easier. The color instructions are clear and include one side view and 1 head-on view of each aircraft. The instruction sheets for the stenciling contain 2 side-views, a front-view, a top and a bottom view for the different camo/version combinations. Next to the graphics MAW also included some building notes and a list of recommended kits and aftermarket products from Eduard/Cobra Company/MAW. 

This set is another fine quality product from MAW Decals and is a must have for anyone building Academy’s CH-46E or CH/HH-46D kits. Retail for this set is $18.99USD. Please visit for more information on this set, as well as other MAW-Decals product. 


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Photos and text © by Albert Moore