Leading Edge Models

1/48 CAF CF-18A & B Standard Markings decal sheet

product # 48.62

Review by Steve Bamford on Feb 27 2009



This new decal sheet from Leading Edge Models includes full markings for any CF-18 line jet, plus special mission markings for 6 CF-18's which include some Balkan Rat jets.  This sheet will permit you to build any CF-18 in line jet markings.

Plus you get squadron markings for;

  • 409 Nighthawk Squadron

  • 410 Cougar Squadron

  • 416 Lynx Squadron

  • 425 Alouette Squadron

  • 441 Tactical Fighter Squadron 

The decal are contained on 2 decal sheets and include decals for intake and exhaust covers for 425 Squadron as well as and 409 Nighthawk Squadron plus plain Jane red white maple leaf covers.  You also get a full set of false canopies and all the stencils you need for one jet including landing gear decals.

Also include is false canopy painting masks.......actually 2 masks....one sized for the Hasegawa kit and one sized for the Monogram kit.

The decals include individual stencils so you can create any CF-18 jet.

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The 5 pages of instructions are clear and include views of each aircraft including 4 views of a standrard jet to help with stencil placement and camo paint application.  The decals are beautifully printed on 2 decal sheet in the flawless quality we all expect from Leading Edge Models.  You also get info in the instruction sheets about certain antennas etc.

Now is your chance to get a full decal set for your next CAF CF-18.


I would like to thank Leading Edge Models for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford